Canadian Values



For over 60 years we've been proud to serve our fellow Canadians only the best ingredients and now more than every our commitment to 100% Canadian Quality remains the same. You could say, we're fans of what grows in our own backyard. 


So Canada, are you ready to help us on our mission to keep this country a beautiful thing?



100% Canadian Grown quality

Meat & Poultry

100% Canadian Beef sourced locally from Canadian beef farmers, like the Ritchie Family who take great pride in their cattle and land. 100% Canadian Chicken raised to the highest standards of care, quality and freshness by Canadian chicken farmers. It’s always better with bacon and ours is locally sourced right here in Canada. It’s 100% Canadian.

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All Harvey’s fries are made with 100% Canadian Potatoes.


Feel good knowing the cheese on burgers and dairy products used in our shakes are 100% real and 100% locally sourced.

Our COMMITMENT doesn't just stop at food...


Until June 16, Harvey’s will donate a portion of proceeds from every transaction will be donated to plant trees in Canada. Our goal with Tree Canada in 2021 is to plant 25,000 trees, which will capture ~5,000 tonnes of CO2.

80% of our packaging contains recycled materials

And our goal is to reach 100% by the end of 2021. We source only recycled material to be used for our fries, frings, nuggets, poutine and takeout bags. Annually, that means we save 5,000 trees by not cutting them down and 2M ltrs of water that would be used to generte paper.

Ditch The Plastic. Get Growing

We've eliminated plastic toys in our kids meals and introduced our 'Grow a Plant' activity pots. Let's encourage kids to gain their green thumb while we eliminate the use of harmful plastics.