Canadian Classic Poutine

At Harvey's, our burgers are not complete without a hot and cheesy poutine. Made with cheese that's 100% Canadian dairy, our poutine is always fresh and always made your way.

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Classic Poutine

Crispy, golden skin-on fries made with 100% Canadian potatoes, topped with savoury vegetarian gravy and Canadian cheese curds.

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Bacon Double Cheese Poutine

Classic Poutine as the base with added shredded cheese and 100% Canadian bacon crisp to perfection.

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Buffalo Chicken Poutine

Our Classic Poutine topped with 100% Canadian crispy chicken tossed in our tangy buffalo sauce.

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Chicken Bacon Ranch Poutine

Our Classic Poutine topped with 100% Canadian crispy chicken, crispy 100% Canadian bacon and drizzled with creamy ranch sauce.

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100% Canadian-Sourced Quality

Classic Poutine

All our fries are made with


from Canadian farmers.

Classic Poutine

We use cheese curds made with


Bacon Double 
Cheese Poutine

All Harvey's poutines are made with



Poutine is a Canadian comfort food made with crispy fries, fresh cheese curds, and savoury gravy. At Harvey's Restaurant, we make it with high-quality ingredients. We use skin-on fries made from 100% Canadian potatoes, 100% Canadian dairy cheese curds and vegetarian gravy. The best fast-food poutine in Canada.

Harvey’s has a number of unique poutines on the menu. Classic Poutine, Bacon Double Cheese Poutine, Regular Buffalo Chicken Poutine, Chicken Bacon Ranch Poutine, and the new limited-time only, Pickle Pickle Poutine.

Our new limited-time-only Pickle Pickle Poutine features our classic poutine using skin-on fries made from 100% Canadian potatoes, 100% Canadian dairy cheese curds and vegetarian gravy, topped with two crispy tangy dill pickle spheres, our famous pickled finely diced and drizzled with creamy ranch sauce.

Yes, all Harvey’s restaurants have deep fried pickles on the menu.The new Pickle Pickle Poutine will also be available at our restaurants across Canada, but for a limited time only!

Yes, our savoury and rich gravy is vegetarian.

Our poutines come in two sizes; regular and large. The choice is yours based on your appetite.

Our cheese curds are made using 100% Canadian dairy. We take pride in sourcing high quality Canadian ingredients to make your poutine truly satisfying.

Yes, you can order poutine on the Harvey’s app for pick-up or delivery. You can also order all our poutines on your favourite food delivery app.

Yes, we frequently run promotions and discounts on our poutine offerings. Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest deals. We also suggest subscribing to our emails and downloading the Harvey's mobile app to receive exclusive offers.

Poutine is a year-round menu item at Harvey's Restaurant, so you can enjoy it whenever your cravings strike.