If you're looking for a drink that gives you an energy boost and a sweet treat in one, we've got you covered. Enjoy Frozen Red Bull at Harvey's all summer long!

New Watermelon Strawberry

New! Watermelon Strawberry

Frozen Red BullLemonade

Frozen Red Bull Lemonade

Frozen Red Bull Peach

Frozen Red Bull Peach

Available at participating locations only. Frozen Drinks are not available through external delivery partners or Harv’s Delivery.
† High in caffeine. Contains 80 mg of caffeine and 1000 mg of taurine. Not recommended for those under 14 years old, pregnant, or breast-feeding women or individuals sensitive to caffeine. Usage 2 cans max daily. Our Frozen Red Bull contains one can(250 mL) of Red Bull Energy Drink. ®Registered Trademark of Recipe Unlimited Corporation.